New Podcasts Available

Have You Heard? ReThink and CareTalks Podcasts Now Available

The ReThink series is designed for those in a leadership position looking to “ReThink” the status quo, while the CareTalks series is geared toward clinical staff interested in hot topics and trends pertaining to the delivery of care.

The podcasts are released on a monthly basis and feature thought leaders from around the world. Individuals working for organizations that have subscribed to the Enterprise Training Program will be notified via email when new content is available and will have access to full-length episodes (One more perk to participating in the program!) Those in organizations not subscribed to the program can access the abbreviated versions through NetsmartCares.

Recent episodes include:

  • Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)
  • The Role of Senior Leadership Post Go-Live
  • Making the Leap: What to Learn and Unlearn When Becoming a Manager
  • The Increasing Prevalence of Mass Violence in the U.S. (Part 1) and Mass Shooting in New Zealand: A Swift and Decisive Response...What Can We Learn? (Part 2)

Here are just a few of the many additional topics planned for future episodes:

  • The Forgotten Group: Families of the Seriously Mental Ill
  • Creating a Community Behavioral Health System
  • Strategies for Changing Organizational Culture
  • Cybersecurity: Developing a Comprehensive Strategy
  • Can Applied Behavior Analysis Be Trauma Informed?
  • How to Create and Maintain Motivation in Foster Care Families
  • Trauma Informed Supervision: Is it Right for Your Organization?
  • Inciting Innovation in the Workplace
  • Changes in Technology and Governmental Regulations Will Happen: How Successful Organizations Adapt