Since our public store launch of myUnity® Mobile in Q4 2018, our mobile documentation app has seen steady growth in user engagement. Three myUnity Essentials clients with a combined count of about 50-70 clinicians are providing care and completing their documentation in myUnity Mobile even without internet connectivity.

In June, even more beta/testing clients will go live with myUnity Mobile. This past quarter, we expanded the suite of forms available as mobile versions to include OASIS assessments, discharge summaries and initial evaluations. These new mobile forms included the validation tools necessary for such assessments, as well as support of multi-page forms, so clinical field staff can more easily navigate through longer assessments.

Additionally, myUnity Mobile has been enhanced to allow users to view shared and completed forms in a read-only format, so they can easily reference key patient information at the point of care, even without connectivity.

Finally, version 1.2.7 of myUnity Mobile, which was released in mid-February, adds the ability for the user to view the larger sync/import status while the upcoming version 1.2.8 will allow the user to manually cancel a patient sync/import if needed (i.e. during an episode of poor network connectivity).