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A World of Opportunities: Celebrating Developmental Disability Awareness Month

By Tricia Zerger, Senior Director, Human Services

At Netsmart, our vision-driven associates work in partnership with our clients to provide cutting-edge technology specifically designed for the full range of intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) needs. From home and community-based services, to supported living and residential, our innovative solutions seamlessly connect the individualized service plan (ISP) and feature mobile friendly applications designed to ensure that both individuals and Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) have access to necessary resources for success.


March is Developmental Disability Awareness Month when we spotlight the unique strengths of the IDD community. Appropriately, this year’s theme is “A World of Opportunities,” which perfectly aligns with our philosophy at Netsmart. Our technology platform is designed to support person-centered care in a range of settings, using mobile-based tools for community activities and helping individuals meet their self-determined goals.  

Keep reading to see how, together, we can remove obstacles and empower individuals to thrive. 


Person-Centered and Self-Directed Care

People with developmental disabilities have a wide range of strengths, challenges and support needs. At Netsmart, we deliver person-centered and self-directed workflows based on the belief that individuals should be empowered to make decisions about the services they receive, including having choice and control over the who, what, when and where of service delivery.

ISPs actively involve the individual receiving services, along with their support system. The process should be directed by the individuals to help providers learn how each person wants to live, and what supports are needed to help them move toward a life they consider meaningful and productive.  



Individual Goals Made Possible

Individuals with developmental disabilities express they want opportunities to do meaningful work, demonstrate their skills and talents, choose their own careers, and have the same opportunities for career advancement as people without disabilities. That’s why our platform is created for organizations to support each individual to develop a life vision and long-term goals.



Using Data to Benefit Individuals

Especially if you’re working with a value-based care model, data is a crucial part of any care you provide. It’s an important way to ensure that individuals are achieving self-determined success. Solutions that provide this level of measurement and feedback are designed to help you collect near-real-time data and analyze outcomes to ensure that the individual’s goals are being met. This also helps you hold your organization accountable. Is the individual making progress according to their ISP? Are you providing them with adequate support? If yes, how do you know?  When you have data available, you’ll have the numbers to prove the success of a plan – or the areas of opportunity.


Mobile Services

Whether electronic visit verification, dispatching transportation or community-based care, mobile workflows provide access at the point of care with or without internet connectivity, making care possible anytime, anywhere. This allows care to reach beyond your organization and into the community, creating more opportunities for the individuals you serve. (As an added bonus, mobile technology creates efficiencies for your entire team, improving staff satisfaction and retention rates.)


A World of Opportunities

People should be empowered to choose the lives they want and with the right technology care teams can help them make choices and achieve their goals. At Netsmart, we take an active role every day in supporting organizations that help individuals find their own world of opportunity.  


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Tricia Zerger · Senior Director, Human Services

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