Monday, June 26 | Value-based Care

The Can-Do Approach to Value-Based Care

By Neal Tilghman, Senior Director & GM, Integrated Care

Is your organization looking to grow? Would you like to improve your operations, financials or strategic planning skills? Kristi Daugherty, CEO of Emergence Health Network, is a leader who turned her organization around using value-based care strategies. She’s shared some tips with us for anyone who’s looking to level up their organizational sustainability.

  • Strategic Planning and Priorities

When Kristi took the helm at Emergence 10 years ago, Emergence lacked infrastructure, communications, outcome tracking and revenue diversification. So, they started with internal objectives. That included a big investment in technology––which soon began to transform operations.

  • The Importance of Data and Reporting

By putting metrics in place and holding themselves accountable, Kristi and her team got a clear picture of what they were doing well, and what they wanted to improve. This is a value-based care strategy, and it prepared Emergence to excel at winning state funding.

  • Community Partnership

Once they had their house in order, Emergence positioned themselves as experts in the community––providing behavioral health resources for schools, public transit and first responders in El Paso.

Today, Emergence is El Paso’s local developmental disability and mental health authority, also providing integrated care, crisis management and intervention in correctional facilities. Read more to find out Kristi’s “can-do” secrets to success, including some tips you can take with you to your own organization.

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Neal Tilghman · Senior Director & GM, Integrated Care

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