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Meet Our Veterans: David Aug

By David Aug, Vice President, Support Operations

You’ve seen our Meet the Clinicians series where we showcase our knowledgeable associates with clinical backgrounds. In the latest CareThreads series, Meet Our Veterans, we’re proudly featuring Netsmart associates who have worn the uniforms of the armed forces and their journey to Netsmart.

It’s sincerely a privilege to work alongside individuals who have served our country. We thank them and all military members and their families across the U.S. for their service yesterday, today and tomorrow.

David Aug, Vice President, Support/Operations 

1. What motivated you to join the military? 

I have always had a desire to serve. By joining the Army Reserve/National Guard, I was able to continue college while serving at the same time.

2. Why did you choose the military branch you did? 

My goal was to join the Air Force to become an officer and pilot. I joined the Army Reserves my first year of college. Since the college I attended only offered Army ROTC, I changed plans and enrolled with them. This allowed me to switch to the Army National Guard and attend flight school immediately after graduation.

3. What lead you to a career at Netsmart? 

With a degree in computer science and a passion for helping and working alongside others, I found my way to a technical support role within a small startup. Over the last 27 years, I have held a variety of roles within the organization, and now I am here at Netsmart.

4. Describe the transition back into the civilian workforce. 

Through my 14 years with the military, I was only active duty during flight school, for about a year and a half. The rest of the time was Reserve and Guard time. This allowed me to serve as well as continue to grow a civilian career.

5. How has your service and experiences impacted your work at Netsmart? 

My progression from an E1 serving as a cannon crewman to an O4 and pilot in command helped hone the leadership skills that define me today. By having an open mind and willingness to learn from mistakes, I gained a clear understanding of my strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, it taught me how to identify highly skilled and talented people and help mold them into outstanding teams.

6. How do you recognize Veterans Day?

Usually it is used as a time to reflect and ensure that my children understand and respect history and the role that all veterans played. I believe that veterans, along with law enforcement and first responders, should be recognized every day, not on just one. I love to watch my children walk up to every veteran they see while out and about and thank them for their service.

7. What was the one thing you learned that surprised you from your time serving?

I was very surprised how much I continued to learn from each of the different units I served in. Working with the unique teams and learning from strong leaders continually pushed me to improve myself.

A note from Netsmart:

The impact military service has on an individual is highly personal and unique. For any veteran who is concerned about their mental health or that of a family member, please reference the resources below for additional support:

Veterans Crisis Line:

  • Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255), Press 1
  • Text 838255
  • Chat Online
  • Confidential, available every day, 24/7
  • Connect with a trained counselor

Access post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, substance abuse and alcohol screening tools here.

View the Common Challenges During Re-Adjustment resource provided by the VA to better understand and address unique challenges veterans face as they return to civilian life.

Access tips for helping children cope with a parent’s deployment here.




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