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Uplifting Our Veterans in the Workforce

By Ada Gudex, Senior Director and GM, TheraOffice

Veterans Day is a time to pay tribute and celebrate all military veterans who served or are still serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. The men and women who serve our country make a variety of great sacrifices to protect our country’s freedom including the willingness to risk their lives, time away from their family and loved ones, and the acceptance of the unknown. Understanding all the ways they have given to our country is so important and finding ways to be of service and support our veterans is a goal we hold close to our hearts.  

Veterans and the communities we serve

On November 11 each year, we come together to remember and honor these individuals in our community, our personal lives and the workplace.

At Netsmart, we believe Veterans Day is about honoring and appreciating our service members, as well as their families. We strive to make our community an inclusive place for all associates and have Veterans and their family members across many of our teams. 

In addition, we are fortunate to work alongside many of our post-acute and human services clients who directly work with veterans to help them achieve the healthiest, best life possible. Many organizations we partner with aid and care for the individuals and families who have served all of us to protect our nation and the freedom we enjoy. Working alongside these dedicated teams focused on providing the highest quality care, these veterans have earned and deserve is truly special. It’s at the core of our mantra, being Cause Connected.

Netsmart support for veterans in our workplace

We continue to find new ways and opportunities to support veterans across our team. The Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program (CFP) is an innovative program that provides military service members with professional training and hands-on experience in the civilian workforce.

By being a Corporate Sponsor for Hiring our Heroes, we’re able to provide veterans with the opportunity to network, receive professional training and hands-on experience in a corporate setting. This program gives individuals the opportunity to navigate the transition from military-to-corporate career and connect them with individuals who have similar or shared experiences of serving, through our Veterans Associate Resource Group (ARG).

“We are in support OF and FOR our Veterans” – Tom Gelles, Vice President, Client Alignment; Veterans ARG Executive Sponsor

Our Veterans ARG, “NetVets” mission is to be a resource for all veterans and allies while making a difference in the community we serve. By bringing together individuals with a shared interest, they connect and cultivate relationships within the Netsmart Veteran's Community and across our entire organization. Shared experiences unite people, and when it comes to the military, it is no different. This incredible group provides a place that fosters understanding, encourages the sharing of experiences, and promotes collaboration through service.

Military experiences shape personal and professional values

We believe the veterans in our workforce bring unique knowledge, skills and experience to our community that is truly valuable.

Many of the veterans that walk through our doors possess qualities such as dedication, integrity, adaptability and discipline, which are instilled in their work ethic, which makes for great team members.

A lot of people come out of the military and make really great managers, having that ability to motivate, inspire and lead people. It’s important to appreciate what values and skillsets people in the military have and how much that can add to a team or company.

Netsmart is honored and humbled to work with 67 veterans across our associate workforce, and we deeply thank all who have served, including their families, for their sacrifice and service.

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Ada Gudex · Senior Director and GM, TheraOffice

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