Usability and Workflows that Attract and Retain Clinicians

We know that job satisfaction is associated with less chaos, more cohesion and more communication. Increasing clinician satisfaction is a priority, especially with growing concerns over clinician shortages in human services, so where do we begin?

View this on-demand webinar with Behavioral Healthcare Magazine, Usability and Workflows that Attract and Retain Clinicians, where Neal Tilghman, MPA, addiction treatment general manager and Tricia Zerger, human services director of marketing at Netsmart are joined by Kathryn Sterling, LPC, clinical outpatient manager at Cornerstones of Care, to dissect how to discover what is driving clinician satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) at your organization, and the practical steps your organization can take to drive usability and workflows that care teams expect and deserve.

Upon completion of this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Learn how to optimize EHR workflows with multidisciplinary teams providing whole-person care
  • Consider interoperability requirements and needs within and outside of the organization when designing EHR workflows
  • Assess treatment plans that promote care coordination with multiple contributors
  • Evaluate varying technological preferences and expectations among providers

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