Organizational Sustainability: Planning for tomorrow and improving care today

The human services industry has never been more competitive. It’s not enough just to provide great care. Today, successful organizations must plan for longevity and drive efficiency. So, how do you leverage these strategies to not only keep the lights on for the individuals you serve, but also thrive as a leader in the market? The answer to both is by making intelligent use of technology and innovation –– including automation, data-driven strategies and long-term planning –– to achieve a balance between stability and growth. That’s the equation for becoming a thriving organization that’s positioned for success.

Key takeaways:

  • Ways to improve your strategic planning skills to enable growth and remain profitable
  • New ways for attracting and retaining the best staff, and how technology can be a game changer for your organization
  • How creating a culture of innovation can take your organization to the next level, allowing you to effectively compete with for-profit orgs, add more service lines, and enhance your relationship with payers
  • How your technology partner can help you meet (and exceed) your goals


  • Jennifer Hancock, CEO, VOA Mid-States
  • Fabio van der Merwe, CEO, DeKalb Community Service Board
  • David Strocchia, SVP & Managing Director of Human Services, Netsmart

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