Transformative Insights: data modernization and business analytics

In today’s healthcare landscape, data is a competitive advantage. It drives productivity, transforms clinical outcomes and enables reporting for grants and funding. In this webinar Kelsey Silver, AVP of Quality and Data Analytics at Outreach, will sit down with Steve Harm, Senior Director of Data Solutions at Netsmart, to discuss how they’ve created data-driven organizational cultures with targeted technology––resulting in workforce management, clinically informed decisions, financial stability and revenue growth.

You will learn:

  • The importance of quality measures, performance tracking and KPIs
  • Using your data to demonstrate compliance and qualify for additional funding
  • Data strategies for business intelligence that will allow you to eliminate silos and improve both operations and growth
  • Automated data tools which will identify gaps in productivity, tackle frustrating and time-consuming tasks, and generate customized, easy-to-read analytics in one view