Outcomes-based care coordination for justice-involved individuals

Supporting justice-involved individuals with mental health and other challenges is vital to successful population health initiatives in communities. Throughout the continuum, whether it be incarceration prevention or transition-based services, initiating outcomes-based programs enables behavioral health providers to properly assist individuals with mental health issues. Ensuring these individuals receive proper services and are supported by care coordination programs and addressing key social determinants such as housing and health access helps individuals in both pre and post adjudication.

In this OPEN MINDS webinar, Thriving Mind and Bernalillo County discuss how their organizations are leveraging care coordination and community partnerships to both prevent incarceration and assist individuals transitioning back into the community after incarceration.

Thriving Mind South Florida President and CEO, Dr. John Newcomer, Bernalillo County Director of Department of Behavioral Health Services, Margarita Chavez-Sanchez, MS and Netsmart Senior Director of Behavioral Health and Population Health, Julie Hiett, take a deep dive into:

Key takeaways:

  • Evidence-based initiatives designed to help decrease arrest of individuals living with mental illness
  • An award-winning program to reduce recidivism and connect individuals with a mental illness to resources upon release
  • Measuring success and tracking outcomes in a world of value-based payment and funding
  • Technology best practices for organizations supporting justice-involved individuals