Maximizing Care, Minimizing Burden: Bells AI - A Game-Changing Tool for LTPAC Providers

Discover the latest addition to the GEHRIMED EHR portfolio with Netsmart's revolutionary AI tool, Bells AI. Join Chris Yakscoe for an exclusive showcase of this market-leading documentation assistant designed to streamline processes for LTPAC providers.

This cutting-edge technology alleviates pain points to enable faster onboarding, better staff retention and recruitment, reduced documentation time, more accurate clinical documentation, improved adherence to and engagement in care plans, and maximized reimbursements. We’ll share proven client results on how we’re reducing the burden of documentation by up to 50%, giving staff time back to focus on their purpose: providing care.

In this webinar, you'll learn how:

  • Artificial intelligence is helping our clients drive efficiency, maximize revenue, and improve care
  • Cutting-edge technology is alleviating the burden of administrative work on clinical staff
  • Bells AI integrates into GEHRIMED workflows and can be used at the point of care