Integrated Care: How to Move from “We Wish” to “We Do"

Integrated care: it’s a term you hear daily, know is important, and certainly feel the pressure to provide as a healthcare organization. The definition of it alone can be highly debated. And knowing where to start with your existing systems, providers, workflows, and logistics can be a lot. In this on-demand webinar, industry experts and authors Dr. Andrea Auxier and Dr. Jeanette Waxmonsky will guide you from the wishing and planning stage to the actual execution of integrating care – all in a way that’s proven to work.

They’ll cover:

  • The true definition of integrated care
  • Why integrated care is a good idea
  • Where and how it’s ideal to integrate care
  • Common challenges
  • The six levels framework
  • The Integrated Practice Assessment Tool (IPAT)
  • Strategies to apply integration to programs and populations
  • Top five tips and lessons to integrate care

No matter where you are in your integration journey, walk away understanding where you stand from the IPAT assessment, and get ideas if you’re headed in the right direction to improve the way care is assessed, communicated, and delivered where people need it most. You’ll leave confident that better clinical outcomes are closer than you think.