How People, Processes and Technology Shape Your CCBHC Success

CCBHC is more than another grant program. It's a shift in the future of care delivery and a tremendous growth opportunity for your organization.

In this webinar, you will learn common challenges for CCBHC providers and how to overcome them, how to meet your CCBHC grant requirements and most importantly how people, processes and technology support your CCBHC success.

Danielle Ross, a former behavioral health organization executive, shares her experience working on the front lines and her observations from the field working with CCBHC awardees across the country as they transform their organization to the CCBHC model of care.

Key takeaways:

  • How people, processes and technology drive CCBHC success
  • What to do - and not to do - based on CCBHC lessons learned
  • Meeting and exceeding core CCBHC program requirements, including:
    • CCBHC assessment tools, reporting and data analytics (including the new NOMS)
    • Practical ways to coordinate care and exchange data electronically for transitions of care
    • Data driven continuous quality improvement (CQI) planning and more