Harnessing Integrated ABA & Behavior Tracking Software for Autism Advancements

Autism care has been part of human services delivery for a long time; but in recent years, the number of autism diagnoses has skyrocketed. Today, it’s nearly impossible to meet the needs of your Autism and IDD community without a robust autism program. But how do you avoid overburdening your team of direct service providers (DSPs) in the process? It’s no secret that your DSPs are valuable, especially since there is about one BCBA for every 30 children––and turnover is high. Join Jamie Pagliaro, Executive Vice President and Chief Learning Officer of RethinkFirst, as he sits down with Kelly Blaschko, Executive Director of Genesee Community Services, and Jen Gray, Director of Solution Consulting at Netsmart. Together, they’ll discuss smart solutions for the industry, as well as new technology that integrates ABA and behavior tracking workflows into your Netsmart EHR––offering career development, treatment plans, caregiver communication, mobile tools for home visits, and other innovations that will ease administrative burden and empower DSPs to deliver better care.

Participants will learn:

  • The role of data-driven outcomes in effective ABA and behavior tracking services
  • How to leverage parent engagement for improved outcomes
  • Best practices for training staff in ABA and Autism care
  • Tips for growing and scaling your services
  • Guidance for implementing a value-based ABA program