Automation for IDD: Digitize and Simplify to Support Your Staff in Real-Time

Intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) is a fast-growing sector of human services. If your organization is experiencing growing pains, you won’t want to miss this presentation, highlighting technology designed to help IDD organizations thrive. Join Tricia Zerger, Senior Director of Human Services, Jen Gray, Director of Solution Consulting, and Chris Yakscoe, Director of AI, to explore EHR agnostic workflows and strategies for staying competitive and retaining productive staff––all while improving outcomes. From billing to staff satisfaction, consumer engagement to clinical innovation - learn how leveraging advanced automation can propel your organization to grow.

You'll learn:

  • The importance of using a single platform that integrates solutions for IDD, autism, behavioral health and more, to help you gain efficiency and scale
  • How technology can transform user experience with intuitive workflows and automated tasks –– reducing documentation by 50% and driving efficiency, productivity, and retention of DSPs
  • Operational benefits of advanced automation, including productivity, decreased turnover and better consumer engagement
  • What’s possible for IDD providers with automation: three use cases including documentation, ABA and behavior tracking, and cash collections automation