COVID-19 Adapting to Virtual Care Delivery and Technology

The rapidly evolving and unprecedented challenges of COVID-19 are requiring us to think differently as we shape approaches to everything from workforce management to care delivery models.  Social distancing, virtual working, self-isolation, and the other CDC recommendations will impact your organization and care delivery, as well as the mental well-being of your clients and staff. 
As you augment your care delivery models, discover how telehealth enables virtual care and keeps you connected to the individuals you serve. Loneliness can be particularly challenging as it relates to social distancing and self-isolation, but the use of on-demand digital self-help tools can mitigate those risks.

In this OPEN MINDS webinar, Netsmart Chief Clinical Advisor, Denny Morrison, Ph.D., Netsmart Vice President of Interoperability, AJ Peterson, and Livongo Vice President of Behavioral Health Strategy, Dr. Julia Hoffman, explore:

• How telehealth provides continuity of care during a time of crisis
• How to mitigate the risk of loneliness using digital self-help tools
• Daily policy and regulation changes enabling health IT across the care continuum