Do you know the key to unlocking your cash?

You’ve found where the money is hidden in your organization, but it’s locked in a safe, so what’s next? Getting it cracked open begins with having the key. Here at Netsmart we know exactly how to unlock it.

How? Experience. Decades of experience across Human-Services, Medicare, and Medicaid billing, plus in-depth knowledge of the workflows within your CareRecord enables us to help you increase cash flow and boost your bottom line with our “safe-cracking” Revenue Cycle Management Assessment.

Our RCM Assessment will help your organization:

  • Optimize billing workflows by evaluating your processes to find improvements in your collections and denials
  • Identify bottlenecks and other issues impacting cashflow and provide a guide for recapturing lost revenue
  • Find areas of improvement by leveraging technology and automation

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The full Netsmart Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) portfolio includes:

Comprehensive Billing and Collection Services

RevConnect Clearinghouse

Automated Eligibility Verification Services

Credentialing/Provider Enrollment Services

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It’s been, by far, the best decision we’ve ever made! The transition was very smooth. We no longer have the worries about staff turnover in the billing department, understanding of claims submission and follow-up of claims. We are seeing a significant increase in our cash posting, which in return has decreased our A/R.

We needed to decide on what to do with our growing A/R. Our billing was managed by our Hospital billing department, and we felt like we had no control over the situation. That’s when we reached out to Netsmart Revenue Cycle Management Services.

Debbie Keller, Application Analyst, Regional West Home Care & Hospice