Interoperability: Real or fake?

If you can’t tell the difference, how do you know if your interoperability network is seamless or not?

You’ve heard all the buzz words: interoperability, integrated care, robust workflows. Is your connection to the rest of healthcare an integrated solution capable of exchanging data electronically and integrating discrete data into a clinical workflow or is it a basic connection for viewing and retrieving static read-only data?

For most post-acute EHR companies, connecting to the rest of healthcare is a future state…something they are starting to work on. At Netsmart, our clients have been seamlessly and securely sharing HIPAA compliant information within all areas of healthcare for more than a decade. They’re working with an EHR that was specifically built for their unique needs and workflows.

Through a single connection point, your organization can exchange information securely with thousands of other providers. No re-entry, no hassle. Just you, focusing on what you do best: providing quality care to those you serve.

We’d love an opportunity to show you firsthand how we’ve established real connections in healthcare, making whole-person care a reality.

Follow Sam’s journey to see how Netsmart leads the way in innovative and reliable care coordination.

Meet Sam.

Sam just celebrated his 79th birthday. A couple of weeks ago Sam fell and fractured his hip while at home gardening. He was taken to the hospital where he had a hip replacement.

After surgery, Sam’s doctors determined that he needed around the clock skilled nursing care and physical therapy.

An electronic referral was sent to the quality skilled nursing team through the hospital’s electronic health record system.

Sam is admitted to Quality Skilled Nursing.

His nurse receives an order for coumadin to prevent blood clots which automatically triggers an alert to order a blood test to determine the correct dosage.

The order is then sent electronically to both Sam’s medical chart as well as to the lab. 

Weeks later Sam has completed his rehab requirements and is released to go back home.

While at home though Sam experiences difficulty breathing as well as chest pains and goes to the emergency department for treatment. Because the ED is a member of a community of integrated care providers, the doctor sends an electronic request to Sam's care network to share his health history.

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