Telehealth: A guide for post-acute providers

While the advent of COVID-19 has mandated the need for virtual care, the value and benefit of telehealth services and digital tools will inevitably persist. As post-acute care teams transition to a virtual office, patients, residents and providers enter an updated version of the classic waiting room, greeted by the new language of care.

We compiled this guide to aid your organization as it blueprints and builds a strong virtual care foundation. In these pages, you’ll find invaluable tools for ensuring your organization’s telehealth and virtual care delivery not only exist, but persist.

Download this guide to gain access to:

  • Today’s telehealth by the numbers infographic
  • Telehealth use cases for post-acute care
  • Step-by-step best practices for building a health network
  • Keys to choosing your technology partner
  • Why Netsmart Telehealth

Download the guide