EHI (Electronic Health Information) All Data Export for myUnity® and myUnity® Senior Living

EHI Export functionality allows organizations to do a manual one-time export of health data for one or more patients. This schema is intended for EHI export functionality. If you are working with a Netsmart customer and want to understand different options on integrating with our solutions, please visit our Netsmart Developer Portal for documentation regarding our FHIR API’s and connection information. Other integration options, including HL7 and native web service APIs are available as well to assist in different levels of integration. Clients or other organizations looking to integrate solutions with Netsmart solutions should visit Information Sharing | Netsmart ( for more information and contact information. Clients can always contact their Client Alignment Executive as well.

The EHI Export file contains the electronic health information available in a patient's myUnity record in a computable, JSON file format native to myUnity. Each EHI Export file will be exported to its own zip file with a unique filename. CLICK HERE to download a file that includes comprehensive documentation for the contents of the EHI Export zip file. This document contains a description and details for each extract.

The content included in the export might vary based on a variety of factors, including:

  • The software applications in use at the at the organization that generated the files.
  • The software version in use at the organization that generated the files.
  • The documentation and software use practices in place at the organization that generated the files.
  • Configuration decisions and customizations made by the organization that generated the files.