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Through a modern, intuitive platform, Netsmart myUnity® helps simplify, support and streamline how you deliver person-centered care.
Your Partner in Progress - "As we embark on this new year before us, I want you to understand that Netsmart is here to support you today and into the future" - Dawn Eddings

Meeting your needs now and in the future

As organizational and community requirements change, so do your technology needs. With myUnity, you will:
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Save clinicians time

Increase staff satisfaction with 20% reduction in time spent on clinical documentation
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Increase revenue

Optimize revenue with 10% reduction of number of days in accounts receivable
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Improve staff efficiency

Increase productivity with 20% reduction in time spent on billing
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Learn how myUnity can pave the way to happier clinicians

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"I love how easy myUnity is to use for our office staff and clinicians. We can train any new hire in only a few hours and get them interacting with patients instead of charting."

- Katie, Ohioans Home Healthcare

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Discover how myUnity can improve operational efficiencies

"I can now do an admission faster than I've ever done before because of myUnity."
- Four Seasons Hospice admissions nurse

Discover how myUnity can improve financial operations

Read this paper to learn how All Care VNA identified new revenue generation streams with KPI dashboards

"With KPI Dashboards, you're able to identify patients and target them immediately with their specific need - that's the essence of data analytics and the Netsmart tool."

- Dan Meyler, CFO, All Care VNA

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Everything is easier with myUnity

Our device-agnostic, web-based platform supports your current and future needs.

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