Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) for Mental Health Providers

With Netsmart Revenue Cycle Management services, you don't have to be a billing pro to increase your organization's cash flow or reduce costs associated with billing. From diminishing reimbursements to complex regulatory changes, managing your revenue cycle today can make you feel like your hands are tied. We're here to help virtual care providers solve their RCM pains so they can focus on what they do best, providing care. Let us show you why our clients trust us to manage over $2.7 billion in revenue annually.

What you gain with Netsmart RCM
  • Clean claims rate of 95%
  • Accounts receivable aging reduced by 18.1%
  • Cash collection rates increased by 16.2%
  • Aggregate collection costs reduced 22%

Learn more about our full portfolio of RCM services below, or start a chat and we can share first hand how we are helping organizations like yours discover lost revenue, save time and reduce costs.

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The Netsmart Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) portfolio includes:

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Comprehensive Billing and Collection Services

The Netsmart Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services portfolio is designed to provide clients the ability to flexibly source critical billing and collections functions to minimize cost, provide comprehensive service delivery, improve collections and effectively scale

RCM Offerings

  • Billing system review and maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Comprehensive billing and collection services for Medicaid, managed Medicaid, Medicare and commercial payers: billing, claim analysis, claim submission, payer interaction, denial and accounts receivable management and cash posting
  • Well-trained and experienced revenue cycle and billing professionals offer the ability to quickly scale services as your business grows, eliminating the need to hire and train additional staff
  • Automated eligibility verification services
  • Credentialing/provider enrollment with payers
  • Collection services for aged receivables including consumer responsibilities
  • Key performance indicators, ad-hoc reports and tools to assist clients with maintenance of financial performance
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RevConnect Clearinghouse

Netsmart RevConnect Clearinghouse provides a centralized location to manage electronic claims and eligibility for all payers.  It provides the ability to reconcile submitted claims with payer responses and electronic remittances, providing complete transparency into the claims reimbursement and reconciliation process

RevConnect Claims Management Benefits

  • Increased clean claim submission with claim error identification and the ability to perform claim edits, real-time
  • Manage life cycle of claim with improved workflow and easy access to reports
  • Faster adjudication to insurance, resulting in quick payment to organization with electronic claim submission
  • Rapid reimbursement due to clean electronic claims submission
  • Line editing capabilities
  • Comprehensive batch and claim reconciliation
  • Reports by payer, provider or status
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Credentialing/Provider Enrollment Services

Credentialing and provider enrollment is a detailed and labor-intensive process no matter the size of the organization. Netsmart RCM services helps effectively manage provider payer credentials

Credentialing/Provider Enrollment Services Benefits

  • Decrease claim denials for practitioners who are not enrolled with payers
  • Streamline onboarding process and organize collection of documentation
  • Proactively manage term dates and application needs
  • Reduce administrative costs for maintaining credentials
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“There is no way we could get the results with our commercial payers that Netsmart RCM is able to produce. Their commercial and Medicaid plan knowledge helps us collect reimbursement for services we just wouldn’t get on our own.”

Bill Cashner, Revenue Cycle Manager, Cornerstones of Care