What keeps revenue cycle leaders up at night? The gamut runs long. From diminishing reimbursements to complex regulatory changes, managing your revenue cycle can be an uphill battle without the proper support.

Digging into your data and understanding where your organization may be struggling is great opportunity to build stronger, more efficient billing operations. From staffing shortages to billing backlogs, there are plenty of opportunities to maximize your reimbursements by leveraging technology automation, skilled resources and best practices. Ready to start building a stronger central billing office? Let’s talk.

What could you gain with Netsmart RCM?

  • 95% or higher clean claims rate
  • 20% reduction in aging accounts receivable
  • 10% increase in monthly reimbursements
  • 20% reduction in denied claims
  • 30% reduction in time spent on billing

*ROI based on an independent, third-party study

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The Netsmart Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) portfolio includes:

Comprehensive Billing and Collection Services

Denial Management and Prevention

Eligibility Verification Services

Provider Enrollment Services

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It’s been, by far, the best decision we’ve ever made! The transition was very smooth. We no longer have the worries about staff turnover in the billing department, understanding of claims submission and follow-up of claims. We are seeing a significant increase in our cash posting, which in return has decreased our A/R.

We needed to decide on what to do with our growing A/R. Our billing was managed by our Hospital billing department, and we felt like we had no control over the situation. That’s when we reached out to Netsmart Revenue Cycle Management Services.

Debbie Keller, Application Analyst, Regional West Home Care & Hospice