Netsmart Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

What keeps revenue cycle leaders up at night? The gamut runs long. From diminishing reimbursements to complex regulatory changes, managing your revenue cycle today can make you feel like your hands are tied.

There are plenty of opportunities, technologies and best practices to maximize your reimbursements. Working lock-step with us, we will prepare you for change and equip you for success. Let us show you why our clients trust us to manage over $2.7 billion in revenue annually.

What you gain with Netsmart RCM

  • Clean claims rate of 95%
  • Accounts receivable aging reduced by 18.1%
  • Cash collection rates increased by 16.2%
  • Aggregate collection costs reduced 22%

*Average RCM client 2017

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The Netsmart Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) portfolio includes:

Comprehensive Billing and Collection Services

RevConnect Clearinghouse

Automated Eligibility Verification Services

Credentialing/Provider Enrollment Services

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It’s been, by far, the best decision we’ve ever made! The transition was very smooth. We no longer have the worries about staff turnover in the billing department, understanding of claims submission and follow-up of claims. We are seeing a significant increase in our cash posting, which in return has decreased our A/R.

We needed to decide on what to do with our growing A/R. Our billing was managed by our Hospital billing department, and we felt like we had no control over the situation. That’s when we reached out to Netsmart Revenue Cycle Management Services.

Debbie Keller, Application Analyst, Regional West Home Care & Hospice