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CONNECTIONS2022: Uniting Community Care Providers Empowering Innovations of the Future

By Candis Brahmavar, Vice President, Marketing

Recently, we welcomed community-based healthcare professionals and industry leaders from all over the United States to our 15th annual CONNECTIONS2022 (CONN22) conference in Nashville, TN. The spirit of our conference is to do just as its name suggests – create connections and foster relationships among healthcare providers spanning the continuum of care. After nearly three years of a virtual setting, we were able to, “get the band back together” and celebrate the successes we’ve achieved alongside our clients during transformative times across the healthcare industry.

Our annual user-group event brought together providers across human services and post-acute care to collaborate, learn and network with peers to share real-life experiences and discover the latest innovations of the unified Netsmart CareFabric® platform enabling organizations to digitize their enterprise.

“The community healthcare settings we serve have overcome many shared challenges over the past several years and being back in person at CONNECTIONS allowed us to come together with our industry-leading clients and experts from across the country. Together with our clients and partners, we have made great strides to meet the demands of the constantly changing healthcare landscape by accelerating technology innovations and advancing the capabilities of the CareFabric platform. CONNECTIONS provided the opportunity for attendees to see these developments come to life. We believe providers need to digitize the entirety of their enterprise to successfully deliver care in an integrated, connected environment and attendees experienced our robust platform capabilities that enable them to do just that.” ꟷ Mike Valentine, CEO, Netsmart

The event kicked off with an opening keynote address from Valentine, where he featured more than 550 client organization go-live accomplishments advancing care delivery since the last in-person CONNECTIONS in 2019. The keynote theme, Building Tomorrow’s Solutions Today, included a glimpse into new technologies developed over the past two years to equip providers with the power of an integrated platform across healthcare impacting more than 126 million lives. The lively keynote landed with a vision for the roadmap of technology and innovations for the future.

Comprised of over 50 innovative solutions and services, the CareFabric platform is built to improve and streamline healthcare business operations by digitizing a provider’s enterprise. The evolution of the CareFabric platform was the focus throughout the opening remarks highlighting:

  • Population health management capabilities that reduce time spent on coordination by 40%
  • Integrated technology platform capable of not only managing crisis events and coordination but enhancing clinician documentation through AI-assisted tools enabling providers to see six more individuals per month
  • myUnity® being the industry’s first 100% base criteria ONC-certified EHR, equipping hospice organizations to manage large-scale palliative care programs on one unified platform and do it while qualifying for CMS reimbursement models’
  • Workforce management technology empowering a mobile workforce with real-time staff visibility, shift bidding, EVV, mobile dispatching and route optimization for care providers, ultimately saving time to allow 240-400 more visits annually
  • Robust connectivity and data exchange through the Netsmart network, CareConnect and local health information exchanges (HIEs) supporting interoperability and care coordination, reducing time spent processing referrals into the EHR by 70%
  • And much more!  

More than 100 client and Netsmart speakers shared successes, best practices and real-life stories during the three-and-a-half-day event. Interactive deep dives, roundtables and open discussions provided the opportunity for valuable collaboration. The networking and learning event included more than 115 insightful sessions covering key topics including: workflows and user experience, regulatory updates, billing and coding, population health and crisis management, interoperability, data and reporting, care integration and more.  

By coming together in settings like CONNECTIONS, we can all share experiences and grow forward. Our shared successes are a true testament to the value of partnership, and we are grateful for the meaningful conversations and relationships established at CONNECTIONS2022 and look forward to continuing on our journey of working side-by-side with our clients.


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Candis Brahmavar · Vice President, Marketing

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