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The 3 Essential Apps for Rehab Clinics

With each new technical innovation, patient expectations continue to expand and evolve and the demand for fast moving care seems to grow with every passing minute. Fortunately, EMR technology is rising to the occasion and helping your business to stay ahead of the curve with rehab apps.

We all have a smartphone in our pockets, so why not turn your phone into a tool for your practice with apps designed specifically with rehab in mind?

Scheduling Peace of Mind

Given the pace of today’s world, it should come as no surprise that managing their schedule is many therapists’ top concern. A scheduling app will provide peace of mind, allowing you to check your schedule even outside the office—ensuring you are always right on time for your patients and prepared for the day ahead, even when you don’t have time to stop by the front desk.

Most EMRs will have a scheduling app which links with your clinic’s schedule, reducing the likelihood of human error which comes with manually entering your appointments into your calendar and ensuring you are always HIPAA compliant.

Paperless Functional Outcome Assessment

As we are all becoming more aware of our environmental impact—and tired of the hassle of managing stacks of paper—patients have come to expect digital options for filling out their functional outcome assessments. If those tests import directly into your documentation notes, even better! Less data entry will always be a popular choice.

Whether you choose to include a large outcomes database in your budget or go with an app with just the essentials, your patients are sure to appreciate the push toward paperless testing.

Convenient Mobile Documentation

No therapist is happy when they feel anchored to a desk. Ensure they can move with the practice by exploring options for an app which allows them to complete documentation on a portable device. Mobile documentation apps released by or integrated with your EMR will ensure a smooth transfer of data from device to device as well as standardization between documents on different devices.

Especially given the flexible nature of physical therapy in particular, this capability can be a game-changer for both clinical efficiency and therapist satisfaction.

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