Coordinate care, connect with other providers, analyze data and more

CareGuidance™ Solutions

With CareGuidance solutions, human services and post-acute care providers can extend the functionality of Netsmart EHRs and other EHRs to address the specific needs of their organizations. These powerful solutions integrate fully with Netsmart EHRs and other EHRs to support data analytics, coordinated care, secure communications with other providers, consumer engagement and more.

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Business Intelligence

Streamline data analytics with this dashboard solution that organizes and presents data from the electronic health record (EHR) in a way that is easy to read and share with others.

Clinical Quality Measures

The clinical quality measures solution is a web-based application that makes capturing measures simple and easy, giving users a real-time review of value-based reimbursement reporting.

Consumer Engagement

Our consumer engagement solutions encompass a broad range of tools to promote partnership and collaboration with individuals and families, helping you build a more consumer-driven healthcare system.


Securely exchange health information with thousands of other providers through a single point of connection. Clinical data is directly integrated into the EHR without any additional manipulation or data entry.


Mobile apps give clinicians, case managers and care providers quick, secure access to accurate information in the field. Workflows are tailored to provider needs and the apps automatically re-sync with the mobile EHR once connected to the internet.

Nutrition Management

Comprehensive healthcare food service platform encompasses all aspects of food service – operations, production, nutrition care and retail – to reduce food waste and increase patient safety.

Secure Messaging

Support integrated care with a secure communication solution that integrates directly with EHRs to allow real-time internal and external messaging among care team members.


Telehealth is a mobile and web technology platform that supports virtual clinical services. It launches virtual visits and supporting clinical workflows to give consumers access to services through any device.

Wound Care

Comprehensive skin and wound care management solution helps your team capture superior wound documentation and gain insights from patient population statistics and trends.

"It is well worth the money to spend time with the experts at Netsmart to review what we use, how we use it, and how we can do better."

Shelly Miller - Chief Financial Officer, Willow Health Care

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