New metrics to free PDGM impact calculator

Be sure to take advantage of our free PDGM calculator!

This calculator will help identify what your reimbursements will look like under the new payment models. The calculator is integrated with your CareRecord. Because it uses real-time data, you gain a more valid estimate of what your revenue will look like come January 2020 than the CMS calculator, which uses historical data.

The PDGM calculator has been updated to include new metrics and refinements to the existing modeling. New metrics include:

  • Total and Percentage of PDGM 1st period LUPAs
  • Total and Percentage of PDGM 2nd  period LUPAs
  • Total and Percentage number of visits for PDGM 1st period LUPAs (by 1-6 visits)
  • Total and Percentage number of visits for PDGM 2nd  period LUPAs (by 1-6 visits)
  • Top 10 distribution of PDGM LUPAs by Diagnosis


Do you need help understanding what the data is telling you, or where to start? 

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