Video guides to get ready for PDGM

Getting ready for PDGM in 2020 is now easier with the Netsmart PDGM Impact Tool.

Not sure how to use the tool? We’ve created 4 short learning videos that hit on four major areas under PDGM: LUPA management, revenue management, diagnosis coding and care planning.

To view the videos, log in to InfoCenter and go to the PDGM Resource Center.

PDGM LUPA Management Video: Learn how you can know if LUPA thresholds will have an impact on your revenue. Understand how you can use Netsmart tools to be successful through PDGM.

PDGM Revenue Management Video: Learn how you can use the tool to look at your PPS revenue compared to PDGM revenue. Have the data to help make organizational changes now.

PDGM Diagnosis Coding Video: Identify what are questionable encounters and comorbidity adjustments, and how they can affect your revenue. Learn how the PDGM impact projector tool can be used to identify key items and plan now. 

PDGM Care Planning Video: Learn how to identify your OASIS functional levels today and how the OASIS functional level may affect your revenue under PDGM. Gain a better understanding on how you can train your clinicians to align care delivery for success under PDGM.