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Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances: Order Connect


Netsmart partnered with Verizon for our Order Connect solution for prescriber identify proofing and credentialing, and for two-factor authentication soft and hard tokens. Verizon is a federally approved Certificate Authority and a Credential Services Provider (NIST SP 800-63-1 Assurance Level 3).

The two-factor authentication service from Verizon allowed for the second factor to be delivered either via a “soft” token (using a software app on a smart phone device) or a hard token that needed to be physically present for the prescriber. Verizon partnered with an organization for the token component. That provider has announced that it plans to exit the CSP business.

What is the change?

All credentialing that has been completed to date will remain current and valid going forward. However, all soft and hard tokens will need to be replaced. Please check the FAQ on the Community page of NetsmartCares portal that outlines the timeline and impacts.

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