Why MyUnity


  • All your post-acute care settings on a scalable platform for one location or hundreds of locations
  • User-friendly design with intuitive workflows, so clinical staff can focus on patient care
  • A platform designed for value-based care with analytics, connectivity, population health management and electronic referral management

Results you can count on

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Save time

Increase staff satisfaction with 20% reduction in time spent on billing
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Increase revenue

Optimize revenue with 10% reduction of number of days in accounts receivable
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Reduce errors

Increase productivity with 10% reduction in time spent on scheduling

What clients have to say

“I love this system! I have never been able to actually sit down and eat lunch … I was able to today with how easy everything is to navigate.”

Nurse, Four Seasons Hospice

“I love how easy myUnity is to use for our office staff and clinicians. We can train any new hire in only a few hours and get them interacting with patients instead of charting.”

Katie, Ohioans Home Healthcare

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