CareThreads Podcast
Integrated Care: Strategies that Work

Integrated Care: Strategies That Work

AJ Peterson, VP & GM of CareGuidance, Netsmart
Jennifer Miller, Program Director of Integrated Care, North Range Behavioral Health
Hank Watson, Chief Development Officer, American Health Partners

In this episode, AJ Peterson, vice president and general manager of CareGuidance, talks with Jennifer Miller and Hank Watson about how their organizations are incorporating integrated care into their services and what integrated care means to them. Learn about the importance of looking at interconnectedness and the whole health of a person. Social determinants of health (SDoH) are also discussed and how the right model of care can overcome the barriers keeping people from getting appropriate treatment and services.

Telehealth, remote therapy and group sessions, and how technology can be an enabler of value-based models of care are covered. Miller and Watson also share how forming partnerships and data sharing among organizations can be helpful in developing effective treatment plans.

Hear their experiences as they discuss:

  • How to define integrated care and what success looks like
  • How integrated care is being delivered through the lens of different organizations
  • Lessons, challenges and opportunities around implementing integrated care models
  • Technology needed for integrated care and the role it plays in forging community partnerships

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