Communicate and collaborate with internal staff and external providers

Secure Messaging

Simplify secure communication among staff members, as well as your organization and external providers and healthcare agencies. Secure messaging fully integrates with your electronic health record (EHR) to improve information exchange and promote collaboration.

Your staff can send and receive protected health information (PHI), such as clinical data, lab results and treatment plans, and work with external organizations to provide truly integrated care. External data can be incorporated directly into consumer charts. A chat function supports direct secure messaging among users associated with a specific consumer, allowing clinicians and providers to securely discuss consumers in real time. Organizations can quickly and securely exchange referrals with external providers.


Netsmart Interoperability Strategy


Secure communication solution integrates directly with your EHR to allow real-time internal and external messaging among care team members and support integrated care.


  • Chat function allows secure group chats among internal staff and external clinicians to discuss consumer information
  • Care teams can receive message alerts and push notifications on their phones
  • Clinicians can edit and save “care coordination notes” into the existing chart
  • Encrypted PHI can be sent from the EHR to any device
  • Consumer data from external sources can be integrated directly into clinician workflows at the point of care


  • Provides HIPAA-compliant, real-time, mobile communication among caregivers
  • Improves workflow through secure communication with the EHR, mobile devices and desktops
  • Speeds up information sharing for more timely interventions and better outcomes
  • Ensures all care team members have quick, secure access to critical information
  • Supports real-time discussions of consumer information through one application

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