Eliminate complex calculations for quality measures reporting

Clinical Quality Measures

The Netsmart clinical quality measures solution is a web-based application that simplifies the calculation of quality measures by using data captured from any EHR. It allows users to easily produce visualizations of measure status over any time range and for any set of providers, giving organizations a real-time review of compliance that is specific to their measures program.

The solution makes capturing measures simple and easy for clinicians because it is an automated result of the clinical workflow. As a result, your organization can stay on top of value-based reimbursement and quality measure reporting without complex calculations.



The clinical quality measures solution is a web-based application that makes capturing measures simple and easy, giving users a real-time review of value-based reimbursement reporting.


  • Visualize quality measure status over any date range and for any set of providers
  • Calculate measures in real-time, using a web-based platform
  • Single sign-on capabilities eliminate the need for a separate username and password when used with a Netsmart EHR


  • Eliminates the need for complex calculations for measures reporting, allowing staff to focus on providing quality care
  • Provides insights into a clinician’s caseload, allowing performance reviews from an outcomes management perspective
  • Allows users to dynamically search any client by date range to improve care at both the individual and population level

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