Interoperability: The Journey to Whole Person Care

Trends in post-acute care toward value-based payments, bundled payments and other shared-risk models show no signs of slowing. To adapt to these new payment models and remain viable, post-acute providers must begin focusing on how to collaborate more closely with healthcare systems to treat, heal and move patients to the most cost-effective setting for care in a timely manner.

In this webinar, we will explore technologies post-acute providers should consider leveraging to integrate into the acute care setting. Speakers Eva Bering and AJ Peterson will also discuss how to gain buy-in from referral partners to automate key phases of the referral process and improve transitions of care.

Finally, we will cover what post-acute providers and their partners should expect with regard to shared outcomes and ROI, as well as the competitive advantage offered by integration technology for the post-acute care and health systems. Whether your post-acute organization is currently taking on risk for your patient population or positioning to do so in the future, having greater visibility of patients across the continuum of care, will promote higher quality of care at a lower cost.  Leveraging integrated technology solutions provides efficiencies throughout the journey of patient from pre-admission to post discharge.

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