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Driving Recovery in the Opioid Crisis – The Technology to Get Us There

The impact of the opioid crisis permeates the entire healthcare community, with treatment centers and emergency departments seeing an influx of individuals needing treatment for substance use disorders (SUD). A recent federal study found that foster agencies too, are seeing an increase in the rate at which children enter the foster care system, directly correlating to increases in drug-related hospitalization rates and overdose rates. Comorbidities of consumers with both mental illnesses and SUD affect behavioral health providers and community mental health centers serving this population.

The impact of this epidemic is pervasive, and so too is the idea that the health and human services community is somehow helpless in its wake. But what if the technology at our fingertips had the potential to have some bearing on the opioid crisis?

In this 60-minute webinar, Neal Tilghman, MPA, addiction treatment general manager at Netsmart will explore the technology and processes that can lead to fully informed treatment, smooth transitions of care, and ultimately improved outcomes. He’ll be joined by Steve Schreiber, RN, PHR, associate director of integrated care at Recovery Resources in Ohio who will share Recovery Resources’ success in achieving whole-person care by integrating access to the Ohio PDMP directly into prescriber workflows within the EHR.

Attendees will gain an understanding of:

  • How to make better use of the technology you already have
  • Newer HEDIS measures that help improve transitions of care and expand treatment options for individuals with SUD
  • Technology available to support agencies working to keep the family unit intact, such as telehealth
  • The outcomes measures most critical to track population health and detect potential risk factors for relapse
  • How to ensure your clinicians have the right data, available at the point of service, to positively impact clinical decision making
  • Tools that enable integration such as the Carequality interoperability framework, health information exchanges (HIEs) and prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs)

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