Part 1: Preparing for Value-based care delivery

Part 2: Population Health Management

Part 3: Building an Interoperability Plan

Part 3: Building an Integrated Plan for Your Community

This webinar focuses on creating strong, enduring partnerships with the health systems in your community is essential to your success. In the near future, health systems will narrow their networks and only work with providers that can electronically share clinical and outcomes data – in fact in many areas this is happening today. What does this mean for you? It means you must create the processes and tools that allow you to electronically accept and manage referrals while you adopt a technology strategy to eliminate the exchange of paper clinical documentation.

This webinar focuses on ways to create a single connection point to securely exchange information with thousands of other providers. Learn how thousands of Netsmart clients are currently sharing millions of clinical records with other providers, health systems and regional HIEs to become the provider of choice in these new payment models.


Netsmart is focused on providing an integrated technology platform for home care, long-term care and behavioral healthcare as part of our broad community care strategy. The Netsmart platform provides more than an EHR by offering the largest network to connect post-acute organizations with health systems and other community providers. Netsmart provides the first population health management platform for post-acute supporting transitions of care, bundles and value-based payment models.

In 2016, Allscripts Homecare and HealthMEDX solutions joined the Netsmart family. As part of the Netsmart family, these solutions now leverage a robust platform which includes industry-leading EHRs, enables more than 1 million distinct connections, supports more than 24,000 organizations and provides an affordable interoperability network to connect to health system-based EHRs.