Part 1: Preparing for Value-based care delivery

Part 2: Population Health Management

Part 3: Building an Interoperability Plan

Netsmart and Long-term Care

Netsmart technology extends the continuum of care across all settings through a comprehensive enterprise model that includes an EMR solution and connectivity platforms.

The result is a single, paperless, patient record wherever care is provided.

Long-term care and Netsmart

Long-term Care: Who We Are

Our Long-term Care EHR is a single paperless patient record spanning across the care continuum.

Netsmart CareFabric Overview

Netsmart believes that it takes more than an EHR to coordinate care, it takes a platform of integrated programs designed to help you succeed.

Executive Webinar Series

Change in healthcare is constant and at times uncertain. There are some things which are certain: post-acute providers will continue to play a larger and more strategic role in care delivery. Long-term care providers, home health agencies and hospice organizations will be required to integrate with local health systems and other community-based providers.

Netsmart, the leader in post-acute care automation, developed an executive webinar series designed to help you move forward in these fast-paced times. We want to help you drive strategic growth – new programs, new relationships and new referrals. We want you to emerge as an innovative leader in your community. It is time to come together to care!

Learn ways to integrate care, see information or replay webinars from the series:


Netsmart is focused on providing an integrated technology platform for home care, long-term care and behavioral healthcare as part of our broad community care strategy. The Netsmart platform provides more than an EHR by offering the largest network to connect post-acute organizations with health systems and other community providers. Netsmart provides the first population health management platform for post-acute supporting transitions of care, bundles and value-based payment models.

In 2016, Allscripts Homecare and HealthMEDX solutions joined the Netsmart family. As part of the Netsmart family, these solutions now leverage a robust platform which includes industry-leading EHRs, enables more than 1 million distinct connections, supports more than 24,000 organizations and provides an affordable interoperability network to connect to health system-based EHRs.