Client Support 

Our Netsmart support team is here to help you whenever, wherever.
Whether you need to talk to a human or access our client portal, we’re available to solve your needs 24/7/365. 
Find resources that will help you with all of your Netsmart solutions:
• Talk to a human through designated phone support numbers
• Log a ticket and request assistance online via our client portal, NetsmartConnect
• Get the latest product updates via our solution update portal
• Gain access to complete solution documentation via the Netsmart Wiki
• Collaborate with thousands of Netsmart software users via our community portal 

Human Services Solution Support

• Essentia, phone: 800.263.1721
• Helper, phone: 800.343.5737
• Insight, phone: 888.782.2615
• Methadone | Addiction Systems, phone: 888.782.2615 Option 5
• myAvatar™: 888.782.2615
• myEvolv®, phone: 888.782.2615
• TIER®, phone: 888.782.2615 Option 7
• Vital Records, phone: 888.782.2615

Post-Acute Care Solution Support

Advisor, phone: 800.800.5095
GEHRIMED, phone: 855.829.2060
Homecare, phone: 888.782.2615
Homecare Accounting Solutions, phone: 800.219.0664 Press 1 for Support, 2 for Sales
Homecare Advisor and Hospice Advisor, phone: 1.800.800.5095
myUnity Essentials, Care at Home Clinical, Financial, phone: 800.219.0664 (ext. 1)
myUnity Home Care, phone: 844.998.6489
myUnity Senior Living, phone: 877.875.1200

Additional Solution Support

Benchmarking | Enlighten Analytics, phone: 888.782.2615
e-Prescribing, phone: 888.227.6130
Mobile Caregiver+, phone: 833.483.5587
myLearningPointe®, phone: 888.249.1517
RxConnect, phone: 888.782.2615

For questions or assistance from the Netsmart Finance Team with a Netsmart Invoice or to pay your bill:

Finance | Invoice | Pay Bill, phone: 800.842.1973

Netsmart Connect

Free online user community with access to User Discussion Groups, the Solution Update Portal and the Netsmart Resource Center
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Integration Portal

Submit and manage requests to integrate with Netsmart solutions
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