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Collaborating for Communities − Public Health Leaders Share Takeaways from Technology Summit

Netsmart-hosted event encourages meaningful brainstorming on IT strategies

Overland Park, Kan., June 20, 2016 – Public health leaders from coast to coast gathered at Netsmart headquarters in Overland Park, Kan. to collaborate on new ways to utilize technology to improve quality of care and operate their organizations more efficiently and effectively. The First Annual Public Health Summit came at a crucial time as governmental funding has decreased for many public health departments.

“Public health leaders were addressing population health before population health was a buzz term, and they will continue to be a key player as the rest of healthcare evolves to address the needs of populations,” said Netsmart CEO Mike Valentine. “Local and state health departments provide or manage critical services ranging from childhood immunizations to emergency preparedness to communicable disease mitigation. Hearing from those who serve on the front lines of care allows us to better create solutions specific to their unique needs and workflows.”

Breakout sessions during the event focused on topics including:

  • Using the HIT Value Model™ to gain insight into technological best practices for public health

  • Examining what local health departments need to know on their journey to PHAB (Public Health Accreditation Board) accreditation

  • Leveraging social media and technology to engage consumers in the delivery of healthcare services

  • Using mobile technology to bring care to consumers

Netsmart Public Health Summit

Netsmart Public Health Summit

The summit also featured clinical and management roundtables with open discussion on critical issues in clinical care delivery and engagement with Netsmart executive leadership on innovative strategies for advancing agencies and programs.

Attendees shared the following observations:

  • Common issues in public health are resolved in different ways. If an organization creates a helpful report, another organization doesn’t have to reinvent it – they can borrow from those insights. If leaders hadn’t come together they wouldn’t have seen the benefits of other’s approaches.

  • The beauty of Netsmart systems is that they can be molded to an ever-changing environment. Gathering with colleagues from across the country provides a good opportunity to pick up new ideas on things like data collection and intervention implementation expert.

  • The summit helped organizations discover ways to share resources and that’s important in these times.

Shared services models – one of the key topics at the summit -- allow organizations to do more with less. In some cases, that can mean pooling resources for electronic health records (EHRs), establishing joint governance and actively sharing best practices across cities, counties and states.

“When agencies work together they achieve greater results,” said Valentine. “By exploring ideas and desired outcomes with our clients we can collectively impact millions of lives.”

Key Takeaways

  • Netsmart’s First Annual Public Health Summit drew local health department leaders from across the nation

  • Health departments are exploring how to do more with less by utilizing technology and partnerships

  • Clinical and management roundtables encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing

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