Significantly reduce payer rejections

Clearinghouse and Third-party Liability

Our clearinghouse solution is a comprehensive, configurable claims submission and remittance management platform. It can be integrated with your electronic health record to further increase first-pass acceptance rates, speed delivery to payers and reduce denials for medical billing.

With easily deployed custom business rules, you can tailor the clearinghouse to your needs. It also stays current with complicated rule sets to measurably improve electronic claims management. With superior claim-scrubbing, more complete documentation and better visibility, this clearinghouse solution eliminates administrative burdens for your staff and improves the bottom line.


Electronic claims management made simple

Submit cleaner claims, perform real-time edits, verify eligibility and more.


RevConnect Clearinghouse is a comprehensive, configurable claims submission and remittance management platform that increases first-pass acceptance rates (98 percent or greater), speeds delivery to payers and reduces denials.

  • Innovative, non-code-based rules engine supports easy customization
  • Clinical claims “scrubber” uses the most current rules from commercial payers, CMS and more
  • Eligibility checking is integrated with claims processing and flags any issues
  • Produces a 98 percent or greater first-pass payer acceptance rate
  • Reduces payer rejections with continuously updated claims-scrubbing logic
  • Delivers, fast, clear correction guidance to the user
  • Reduces A/R days and speeds up the payment cycle by validating claims against the most accurate, current rules available

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