EHR for Public Health

myInsight is a web-based electronic health record (EHR) solution specifically designed for public health agencies. The solution integrates clinical and financial management, and has features tailored to the diverse programs public health agencies offer, including family planning, immunizations and wellness initiatives.

Clinical and case management

  • Facilitates appointment scheduling by clinic and program
  • Establishes confidentiality at agency, program and encounter levels 

  • Provides real-time access to individual records – from anywhere
  • Adheres to Public Health Informatics Institute workflow recommendations
  • Features tabs for orders, medications, immunizations and vital signs 


  • Collects payer information and automates eligibility verification
  • Manages complicated claims processes and multiple claims formats
  • Supports complex Medicaid billing requirements
  • Serves as accounts receivable and payable sub-ledger for general accounting


  • Exchanges data securely with HIEs, state registries and other providers

  • Integrates inventory management for medications, immunizations and supplies

  • Tracks results and effectiveness by individual, staff member, program and agency