Manatee Glens Success Story

myAvatar™ Gives Individuals a Hand in Their Recovery

Involving clients in their own care is known to produce better outcomes. Manatee Glens says strategic partner Netsmart meets the needs of its clients now – and in the future. "It opens the door for clients to see their own progress."

Transforming the EHR Into a Knowledge Platform To Ensure Improved Health

The EHR, when configured correctly per care process and integrated into the workflow, can be transformed from a data-recording repository to a proactive system for knowledge-driven care.

Knowledge Flow Cycle
September is Business Efficiency month

September Is The Month To Optimize Your Organizational Efficiency

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60-Day Implementation Accelerates Positive Health Outcomes

Being able to pull medical history into their EHR when patients can't speak for themselves is life-saving and life-altering at Red Rock.


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