The First Providers Achieve ICD-10 Readiness

Trailblazing organizations have answered the ICD-10 call with an emphatic "yes, we’re ready." Hear straight from these forward-thinkers on why they chose to get ICD-10 ready now and what their advice is to other organizations who haven't.

No More Mishandling of Your Content

Learn about Enterprise Content Management (ECM):

  • Understanding an ECM system's value
  • Identify how an ECM integrates with an EHR
  • Discussion on why and ECM is right for your Organization

In Transition: How Electronic Data Sharing Enables Improved Health Outcomes and Reduced Costs

Poorly coordinated transitions of care cost an estimated $25 billion to $45 billion dollars per year (Donald M. Berwick, 2012). In recent years, Netsmart launched two new solutions to improve care coordination and transitions of care: CareManager™ and CareConnect™.

myAvatar™ Gives Individuals a Hand in Their Recovery

Involving clients in their own care is known to produce better outcomes. Manatee Glens says strategic partner Netsmart meets the needs of its clients now – and in the future. "It opens the door for clients to see their own progress."

Manatee Glens Success Story
Closed-Loop Medication Management

Comprehensive Medication Management

It is time to focus on a comprehensive medication management process that spans the continuum of care. Netsmart experts reveal a new evidence-based, groundbreaking "six rights" methodology that has the potential to bridge the medication management gaps in inpatient and outpatient settings.