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Effective Transitions of Care

The most successful transitions of care occur when technology (such as an electronic health record) is utilized

Creating Mindfulness

L.A. County CareRecord™ implementation moves largest local mental health community toward more coordinated care

What is Care Coordination?

ATTENTION NEW YORK DSRIP PROVIDERS: We can help you provide consumer-centered, transparent, collaborative, accountable and value-driven coordinated care

Opioid Treatment

City of Baltimore uses electronic health record to test heroin users for HIV, enabling more effective treatment

Revenue Cycle Management

New RCM evaluation tool helps you pick the right vendor to ensure the financial sustainability and success of your organization

Giving Meaning to Measurement

An important facet of high quality healthcare is harnessing data to improve outcomes and organizational performance

Letting the Genome out of
the Box

The awesome and ethical implications of genomics for
mental health