Medication Management Software Solutions: Safeguarding You Against Drug Events And So Much More

Keeping track of the medications a consumer is currently taking is mission critical for your organization. It’s just as important for you to monitor medication administration. If a consumer misses doses or times the doses incorrectly, it can cause complications.

Re-Prescribing – Another Step To Clinical Paperless Freedom

Re-Prescribing – Another Step To Clinical Paperless Freedom

Medication management is a team effort requiring collaboration between physicians, nurses and pharmacies. This is even more important as organizations move to coordinated, person-centered care…treating both the mind and the body. To provide safe and effective care, you need medication management software solutions and tools that deliver safe and timely patient medication information to all providers involved in a person’s treatment.

We provide medication management, prescription management and e-prescribing software solutions, including:

  • Order entry
  • Medication reconciliation
  • e-Prescribing
  • Pharmacy
  • Medication administration
  • Lab ordering and monitoring

We equip your practitioners with real-time clinical decision support, providing a critical safeguard against potential adverse drug events. Utilizing our medication management software solution, meds are easily reconciled and converted across all care settings. And with e-prescribing software, prescriptions can be sent electronically to outside retail or mail-order pharmacies... eliminating handwritten scripts.

For inpatient settings, we provide an integrated, closed-loop medication management system featuring comprehensive tools for those involved in medication delivery whether ordering, verifying, dispensing, or administering medications. Our solutions allow you to feed outcomes from medication management back into the system. With the data at your fingertips, you can easily make improvements and changes in a consumer’s course of care.

Closed-loop medication management with our RxConnect software solution begins when an order is entered in the patient chart, making it available to the nurse and the pharmacist. When viewing the order, the nurse can tell if the pharmacist approved it.

The pharmacist also views the order and, after the rules engine and the clinical data engine within RxConnect have helped analyze and approve it, codes it to the medication that will be dispensed. The order is checked for patient specific dosing. Once validated, the nurse administers the medication.

The pharmacy also can review progress notes and lab data in the integrated system as well. Using RxConnect, the pharmacist or staff can document any intervention on the patient’s behalf. RxConnect also has all administration information available, thus billing is a by-product of the dispensing function or the administration function. In addition, if an order is rejected, it’s automatically removed from the eMAR.

The pharmacy portion of the closed-loop med management (RxConnect) is also available in standalone mode for long-term care facilities and hospitals needing an inpatient pharmacy system. Contact us for more information.