An Unprecedented Explosion of Now

The healthcare landscape is moving at the speed of thought. These are optimistic times for health. The attention and resources being devoted to health are unprecedented. But attention means close scrutiny, and resources come with an expectation of results. The stakes are high and the responsibility to deliver is great.

More than ever, there is a growing understanding of the need to implement a more comprehensive, integrated approach to care that involves caring for the whole person, focusing on optimal healing and wellness, integrating healing practices and holistic systems of medicine informed by evidence and collaborating and coordinating care between providers.

Disruptive technologies and processes will have the biggest impact on healthcare and undoubtedly play a fundamental role in making these aforementioned shifts a reality.

To assist in this endeavor, Netsmart has unveiled the Healthcare IT Value Model geared toward the health and human services provider community. This vendor-agnostic common measurement system can give your organization answers to what you should do next with regards to healthcare IT and the value associated with that strategic decision.

The HIT Value Model is a strategic roadmap embedded in a snapshot of the health and human services care system, with your client (the person) at the center. It offers you a well-defined path for improving financial, clinical and operational performance … the key elements for the long-term sustainability of your organization.

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