Plexus™ Consulting: Making Sure Your Implementations Happen On Time

Technology implementations are not on the list of life´s easiest things to do. Every project is unique. And, the key to success is finding predictability despite the variability. We’ve taken the experience gained while implementing thousands of solutions over the last four decades and developed a proven methodology to ensure your software implementation happens on time and without problems. How is that possible? We rely on three core attributes:

An Incredible Implementation

An Incredible Implementation


Simply put, your consumers are counting on you, and you´re counting on us. We ensure your implementation project not only happens in the specified timeline, but also delivers the intended results.


Continuing the theme of predictability, we understand your organization needs both visibility and accountability when it comes to the cost of the project.

Desired Outcome:

The success of the project directly correlates to your ability to achieve your mission. Our objective is nothing short of meeting the shared goals and desired outcomes within the set timeline.

Technology implementations start with establishing a foundation and, once established, advancing adoption and capabilities to achieve operational goals and objectives. The secret to successful implementations is to identify and control variance through the process. By minimizing variance, predictability is achieved.

At Netsmart we address these two phases of the delivery of solutions by developing a strong foundation … through the creation of a technology foundation – Plexus Foundations. – And, to meet your organizations emerging goals, we know solutions need to advance. To facilitate this process, we created the advancement of solutions to meet emerging goals – Plexus Advance.

While Plexus Foundations is the professional services required to implement core software solutions, including electronic health records (CareRecords™), Plexus Advance builds on the groundwork laid by Plexus Foundations. Plexus Advance provides predictable services to help our installed clients implement additional solutions and helps keep your systems current through upgrades and system management. Plexus Advance services can range from individual engagements to longer-term subscription-based offerings for all of our CareRecords.

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