The Netsmart Story

Moving Healthcare Forward, Together

At Netsmart, we help people who help others live healthy.

For nearly 50 years, we've innovated technology that allows those in healthcare to work more efficiently. To understand the best treatments. And to improve peoples' lives.

What We Do

Netsmart is 100% committed to connecting the unconnected pieces in healthcare - behavioral health, senior living, care at home and social services communities - so they can provide a wholeness of care to the people they serve.

To help clients provide care that spans a person's entire needs, we offer technology and services that integrate patient information from multiple sources.

Through our electronic health records, health information exchange, data analytics, and consumer engagement solutions, clients can access what they need when they need it because our platform delivers accurate, relevant and real-time information.

Who We Serve

Netsmart serves more than 560,000 users and 25,000+ organizations in the behavioral health; senior living, care at home and social services communities.

Supporting the Communities We Serve

We’re proud of the role our solutions and services play in delivering outcomes-based care to so many people. But we also recognize the need to do more, which is why Netsmart advocates for policies and legislation that support the communities we serve.

It’s also important to raise awareness of the key roles human services and integrated care play in the healthcare ecosystem. We’re pleased to support the EveryDayMatters® Foundation, which was established for human services organizations to inspire, enlighten, spark curiosity, eliminate barriers and celebrate awareness.

Our goal – through technology, services and advocacy -- is to change the face of healthcare today by acknowledging that whole-person care is a reality, with human services and home care playing a pivotal role.

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