The Netsmart Story

Netsmart is a healthcare information technology company providing software and technology
              solutions to the behavioral health community

Established in 1968, we’re one of the longest standing IT companies in the United States. We have, and continue, to focus on creating technology solutions for healthcare. Our more than four decades of IT experience for the health and human services communities means we have a track record. We’re an established company that, over the years, has witnessed numerous changes in the healthcare ecosystem. While some may believe change isn’t good, we believe with change comes opportunity. We have the opportunity to help drive the industry to a new level through the use of technologies.

Who is Netsmart?

Who is Netsmart?

We believe it is our obligation to invest today in the solutions required for tomorrow’s needs. We accomplish this by solving real-world problems side-by-side with our clients. We owe it to our clients to innovate outside the boundaries of what they’re asking for. Doing this gives them the capabilities to redefine who they are and how they deliver their services. Our relationship with clients runs much deeper than a software transaction. We understand our clients are looking for a deep and lasting relationship.

We offer EHR software solutions and other healthcare information systems. As part of our commitment to our clients’ journeys, we created the Solutionarium in Overland Park, Kansas. A hub of collaboration, the Solutionarium is where we come together with our clients and share strategies with the objective of co-creating roadmaps into the future for our respective organizations. The result is clarity and alignment. Our strategies become linked and, ultimately, we both are in a much better position to navigate forward.

When you’re a Netsmart client, you’re part of a community. We provide unique opportunities for you to connect and network with your peers. Together you can share best practices for using our solutions. You can connect daily through Netsmart Community, an online forum to network and collaborate with your peers. In addition, each of our CareRecords™ (our term for electronic health records) has user groups that meet often throughout the year. Clients also enjoy attending netCONNECT, our quarterly state-of webinar, our regional exchanges, and our annual user conference CONNECTIONS.

More than 23,000 client organizations, including more than 450,000 care providers and more than 40 state systems, use our solutions to help improve the quality of life for individuals. Together, we can positively impact the lives of more than 25 million people. We at Netsmart rise each day passionate about this opportunity.