Plexus™ Hosting Services

Secure, Remote Hosting for Software and Data

Netsmart Plexus offers a secure hosting environment for Netsmart CareRecords™ as well as third-party solutions used throughout an organization. It’s a cost-efficient service that ensures applications and data are accessible yet secure and simplifies maintenance and upgrades, allowing organizations to focus on providing quality care and services.

Security and compliance

  • Redundancy throughout the production infrastructure
  • SSAE-compliant with annual third-party audit of all security/compliance controls
  • Two TIER 3 class data centers in separate locations with multiple power and cooling sources
  • Meets or exceeds all HIPAA and HITECH requirements

Support, backup and recovery

  • 24/7 data availability backed by service level agreement
  • Automatic installation of operating system, database and application software updates
  • Full backup weekly, incremental backups nightly and production database backup every 15 minutes