CareRecord™: Netsmart’s Industry-Leading EHR for the Health and Human Services Community

Care delivery is not only your calling, but it’s the heart of your organization’s mission. It’s our mission too. To help you fulfill your organization’s calling, we created CareRecords (EHRs) to support, improve and integrate your care delivery process seamlessly across all levels of care.

CareRecord is our flagship Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions. Combining the functionality of both an EHR and EMR (Electronic Medical Record), our CareRecords (EHRs) lead the health and human services community in functionality, reliability, and ease of use.

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With the move to accountable and coordinated care, it’s important to have an EHR geared to your specific community and range of services. Each of our 2014 ONC Certified HIT CareRecord solutions are designed using the continuum of care models and the core workflows of our community partners in behavioral health, addiction treatment, public health, child and family services, and I/DD.

Our CareRecords include a solution for private practice, as well as one that incorporates documentation and procedures for Multisystemic Therapy (MST).

Whether you’re coordinating consumer schedules, accessing charts, measuring key performance indicators, checking eligibility, tracking claims, monitoring system status or even doing all of these at the same time our CareRecords help you maximize the efficiency of your users with points of view for each key role in your organization.

Successfully partnered on care delivery, the collective we (Netsmart and our clients) can impact the care delivery processes, resulting in more positive outcomes and increased efficiencies.

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