Care Coordination and Population Health Management

CareManager is a cloud-based solution that facilitates communication and information exchange across all care providers for an individual. It provides real-time alerts on emergency department visits, hospitalizations, gaps in care, allergies and other information important for giving the right care at the right time. CareManager also aggregates data to present health and treatment outcomes at the population level.

Care coordination, planning and tracking

  • Uses a configurable rules engine to prioritize activities for individual care management
  • Integrates alerts and tasks into the care team’s workflow
  • Manages consumer assignments across agencies and teams
  • Supports a closed-loop referral process, ensuring referred care actually takes place

Population health

  • Aggregates clinical data and provides population distribution details using a dashboard and reporting solution
  • Provides additional insight into caseload from aggregated data collected
  • Quality measures help align population health approaches to areas that need the most assistance